Boating Etiquette

How to get invited back again…

Before the day, contact the captain

  • Find out where and when you should meet them, so you can help them prepare the boat, assist with launching, etc
  • Discuss the plan for the day, so people have the same expectations regarding time out on the water, when to expect to be back on shore, etc.
  • Find out what kind of compensation they would like. Fuel, oil and servicing isn’t free.
  • Find out how they would like you to bring your gear. For example; plastic tubs might be fine on bigger boats, but quickly clutter up the deck of smaller boats, so bags (eg. Putting as much gear as you can in a catch bag) may be a more appropriate option.
  • On that note, be mindful of your gear choices. Eg. Torpedo floats are easier to stow than boat floats.

After the dive

  • Don’t bail last minute (without a really good reason). No one likes to be stood up at the ramp.
  • Arrive on time at the designated meeting location, and assist with the boat preparation and launch as directed.
  • Pay without being prompted.
  • Stow your gear quickly and securely where directed by the captain.
  • Bring snacks and drinks to share.
  • Ensure all your pointy and sharp bits (Speartips, knives, etc).  Are covered when in the boat.
  • Ensure your spearguns are unloaded before getting back on the boat.
  • Be mindful of, and assist with things like, anchor retrieval, helping other divers in and out of the water, etc without being prompted.
  • The captain may need to move around the boat quickly for whatever reason. Be mindful of this, and do your best to stay out of their way.
  • Obey the captain, no question. Their boat, their rules.
  • Captain gets first dive (if he/she so wishes).
  • Flush your suit well before getting back on the boat if you need to. You know why.

On the day

  • Help retrieve the boat.
  • Help wash down the boat.
  • If asked, help the captain get the boat back to its storage location and appropriately stored.
  • Perform any other tasks as directed, so as to help ease the task load of the captain.